West Lawn

London Heritage Farm Historical Site, Richmond BCRichmond’s history is rooted in agriculture. London Heritage Farm collects and maintains exhibits of farming history in early days of Richmond. Located on the West Lawn are the Pond, Large Farming Machinery Display and Small Hand Tool Museum.

The Pond

The Pond restoration was initiated in the year 2000 as a millennium project.  The objective of this program is to bring back the Pond to its original size and depth and to maintain an environment for the propagation of small fish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures.  Furthermore, the restoration aims to create a water based environment for ducks, swans, herons and an assortment of small birds that presently use the bullrushes, bushes and trees that are part of the farm’s environment.

Large Farming Machinery Display

The large farming machinery display is to the west of the farmhouse and begins at the back of the Spraggs Family Barn.  The interpretive display panels explain to visitors the cycle of preparing the soil and planting, tending and harvesting crops.  The display reflects farming in Richmond from the 1880’s to 1940’s.

Small Hand Tool Museum

The Small Hand Tool Museum is housed in the Spraggs Family Barn and is open on special event days and upon request.  The hand tools relate not only to agricultural activities on a farm but also to the work of the farrier (a blacksmith specializing in horseshoes) and the carpenter.

The Pond, photo credit Dave Kemp
The Pond


The Farrier's Workplace, London Heritage Farm, photo credit Dave Kemp
The Farrier’s Workplace


Small Hand Tool Museum, London Heritage Farm, photo credit Dave Kemp
Small Hand Tool Museum