Memorial Rose Garden

London Heritage Farm Historical Site, Richmond BCThe Memorial Rose Garden is to the north of the London Farmhouse and was planted in memory of the original London family.  In this garden are the roses Evelyn, Jayne Austin and Brother Cadfael.

Many other varieties of beautiful heritage roses, such as Tamora, are carefully grown in blocks spread throughout in the Heritage Gardens and pebbled pathways make for leisurely viewing. Around the gazebo, at the front of the house, the white Souvenir de la Malmaison grows and the lovely Kift’s Gate climber scrambles up the side.  By the bay window of the house, you can find a noisette rose with quartered flowers in shades of apricot.  This is a wonderful tea-Dijon from the David Austin’s breeding program.

Memorial Garden, photo credit Dave Kemp
Memorial Garden


Memorial Garden, photo credit Dave Kemp
Roses to Remember


All roses are pruned in early spring in keeping with London Farm’s policy of working with nature, and rose hips are left on over the winter to provide seeds for the many birds that make the park their home.

Gloire de Dijon

This beautiful climbing rose once graced the London farmhouse. Bred by Jacotot in 1853 from Desprez à Fleur Jaune and Souvenir de la Malmaison, the blossoms are frilly with big button eyes in pink and peach and have a strong fragrance. Gloire de Dijon foundation rose are used for the breeding of many modern, popular roses.

Gloire de Dijon
Gloire de Dijon


Other Roses

Our hybrid tea rose bed, started in 1998, is now well established and showcases about a dozen well known varieties, including Peace and Queen Elizabeth.

Peace, photo credit Dave Kemp


Queen Elizabeth, photo credit Dave Kemp
Queen Elizabeth


Just Joey, photo credit Dave Kemp
Just Joey


Starry Night, photo credit Dave Kemp
Starry Night


Winchester Cathedral, photo credit Dave Kemp
Winchester Cathedral


Graham Thomasl, photo credit Dave Kemp
Graham Thomas


Honor, photo credit Dave Kemp