Heritage Gardens

London Heritage Farm Historical Site, Richmond BCThe City of Richmond maintains the grounds around the Farmhouse with the exception of the Heritage and Allotment Gardens.  The Heritage Gardens are planned, planted and tended by London Heritage Farm Society volunteers.

The Heritage Gardens feature bushes, berries, herbs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, trees and vines, most of which could be found in gardens at the turn of the 20th century.  The Heritage Gardens are in the style of an English country garden where something is in bloom from early Spring until the Fall frosts.  Careful plantings are used and natural predators are encouraged in the organic prevention and control of disease and pests.

Flat, crushed limestone paths and garden benches provide easy access and resting places from which visitors can enjoy the beauty and fragrances of the Heritage Gardens.  The garden paths are wheelchair and walker accessible.

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Heritage Gardens
On-looking to the Spraggs Barn


Heritage Gardens
Heritage Gardens in Summer


Heritage Gardens
Blooming Flowers in Heritage Gardens


Fruit Trees

Crab apple, several varieties of apple and pear trees frame the perimeter of London Heritage Farm.  Fruit from the trees is donated to the Richmond Fruit Tree Project, who either sell or can the fruit with the proceeds or product going to the Richmond Food Bank.

Several of the pear trees were planted on the property at the turn of the 20th century and are still producing fruit.  London Heritage Farm volunteers recently undertook a grafting program to ensure the continuation of these fruit trees.  The grafted trees will be kept potted and tended for approximately five years until they are well established.  Then, they will be planted in proximity to the present trees.

Weathered Wheel, photo credit Dave Kemp
Weathered Wheel


Wagon, photo credit Dave Kemp


Bird House, photo credit Dave Kemp
Bird House


Tiller, photo credit Dave Kemp