Wedding at London Heritage Farm

London Heritage Farm Historical Site, Richmond BCWould you like to hold your wedding at a charming and unique location? Look no further than London Heritage Farm.

The lovely Heritage Gardens, the Gazebo on the South Lawn and the historical London Farmhouse and Spraggs Barn at the backdrop; all made London Heritage Farm a perfect outdoor venue for an intimate wedding.

Wedding at London Heritage Farm
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Our large Gazebo is an excellent location for exchanging vows. The bride and her attendants can use the Parlour in the Farmhouse for photos and relax before the wedding begins. With chairs set up on the South Lawn facing the Gazebo, upto 200 guests can attend and witness the proceedings in the ceremony. 

Wedding at London Heritage Farm
Photo Credit: Saralee Prang @
Wedding at London Heritage Farm
Photo Credit: Saralee Prang @


Our spacious South Lawn is a lovely spot for hosting your wedding reception with your own caterer providing foods and drinks.  A Liquor License is required if you are serving alcohol. Long tables and chairs, coffee and tea stations and bars can be set up under open air or tents.  Picnic on wooden benches in the South Lawn is a great alternative to formal reception in the summer time. Guests can enjoy the free atmosphere, natural environment, heritage gardens and viewing of all the artifacts displayed around this historical site. 

Wedding at London Heritage Farm
Photo Credit: Saralee Prang @
Wedding at London Heritage Farm
Photo Credit: Saralee Prang @

Bridal Shower and Rehearsal Party

Rehearsal can be arranged before the wedding date on request. The Farmhouse Tea Room can be booked for bridal shower and small party after the rehearsal.

Wedding Photo

The historic London Farmhouse, the artifacts displayed inside, the Spraggs Barn, the antique farming equipment and tools, the Heritage Gardens and many more are all great spots for wedding photos. The beautiful dawn and sunset scenes at the river bank just in front of London Heritage Farm offer impressive panoramic settings for individual, couple or group photo sessions. Bring your photographer to survey the site and be a great producer of your own important event.

Wedding at London Heritage Farm
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Wedding at London Heritage Farm
Photo Credit: Matdivad Photography @


South Lawn and Gazebo

$500.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
Each hour thereafter $150.00 per hour
Two locations with power plug available for electrical equipment

Tea Room

$125.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours).
No outside food is allowed.  Tea and coffee can be provided for a small fee.
(Click here to learn more about Tea Room Private Booking Options)


200 Chairs – $2.50 each/event
4 Tents (10′ x 10′) – $60.00 each/event
4 Tents (10′ x 20′) – $90.00 each/event
11 Tables (24″ x 80″) – $15.00 each/event
15 Tables (32” x 92”) – $15.00 each/event
Flower Stakes – $ 5.00 each/event
You may choose to bring your own equipment
If you bring your own, you are responsible for the set-up and take-down
There is no charge for two chairs and signing table in the Gazebo

Useful Information

All events must be booked through London Heritage Farm Society and are supervised by the Society’s staff or members
City of Richmond noise restriction – no noise after 9:00 pm
You must purchase event insurance for your event
Must be off site  and with everything cleared away by 9:00 pm
There is no parking on site except for the bride’s limo
Limited roadside parking can be found along Dyke Road
Guest washrooms are located on the west side of the caretaker’s cottage
The bride and her attendants may use the washroom in the Farmhouse
Alcohol is prohibited in the Farmhouse

Booking Enquiry

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