Board of Directors Nominations

Check out our previous post about running for the London Heritage Farm Society’s Board of Directors and make a difference in your community!

The following people have been nominated, please come out and vote!!


1. Robert Berkhout:

(past president)


2. Egon S Frank:

(Currently allotment holder and volunteers around the farm)


3. Jonathan Grand-Pierre:

Jonathan Grand-Pierre was recently nominated as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 in Richmond, Nooch Snack & Chill was spawned because of a vision to fill a void in the community. Recognizing the need for a classy yet casual restaurant which adds simple twists on traditional North American favorites, Grand-Pierre has created a culture which stresses the importance of balance in life. Through his  network in British Columbia, Grand-Pierre has embraced his raw entrepreneurial spirit to create a unique culinary experience whether in a Nooch location or at a catered event. With a wealth of experience in the fashion, hospitality, entertainment, and restaurant industries, Grand-Pierre has combined his knowledge to build a growing chain of restaurants which rank among the top 5 on both and Community lies at the core of Nooch’s foundation. A stronger community means a brighter future – let’s get there together.

4. Bardia Khaledi:

MA, Educator, Expert Gardener

Gardening has been a life-long passion. I have learned much about plants through growing up on a large garden as a child and through over 10 years of gardening in Richmond. My love of plants brought me to VanDusen Botanical Garden in 2009. As a volunteer at garden, I contribute to the Seed Collectors’ group that ensures the collection and preservation of seeds of cultivars and species of worldly plants present at the garden.  Through this involvement with VanDusen, I was inspired  to conduct an MA research where I looked at the contemporary role of botanical gardens in British Columbia. With the completion of my MA, I became increasingly interested in larger questions of sustainability, biodiversity, and public education and have regularly attended lectures and workshops related those topics. These experiences paved the way for further learning at VanDusen and the Native Plant Society of British Columbia, and a fruitful affiliation with Master Gardeners. Currently, I am taking part in permaculture initiatives at the Sharing Farm and in the process of developing two educational programs (relating to farming and botany) at the farm.


5. Bruce Livingston:

(Current board member)


6. Jay Scott:

(current board member: acting Treasurer)


7. Jenny Watson:

Current board member and huge contributor to the tea room and gift shop. Currently is the Tea Room Supervisor, has jam contract, organizes “parties” for clean ups, decorating and making tea.


8. Nova Watson:

Diploma in Event Coordination and Management

I was born in Richmond and raised in North Vancouver. Eight years ago I returned back to Richmond to raise my two children and have called it home since. I am a positive, hard working, creative person.  My Diploma in Event Coordination and Management has given me the ability to organize, host and coach any type of Event. I have an extensive background in the hospitality industry and pride myself on great customer service.

When I discovered London Farm I was so excited. Growing up I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables, so you can imagen my delight when I experienced the old world charm of London Heritage Farm. Since my first experience at the farm I have taken any opportunity to be involved with the house. Now it is my hope to take my involvement with London Farm to the next level by running for the Board. London Farm is a unique place and I am passionate and excited about being a part of sharing the heritage of it with the community. I am looking forward to   investing myself and time into the growth of London Farm.


9. Barbara Williams:

(current board member)




Check back regularly as I will be updating this page as more nominations come in!