Board of Directors

Become a board member at London Heritage Farm and make a difference in your community!

This year there are only two board member positions standing and there are seven positions open. If you are not familiar with the farm already you can visit our website: for more information. Check out the job profile below and let us know if you are interested in running for a position.

 Board Members – Job Profile


At the London Heritage Farm Society annual general meeting (AGM), Board members are elected to serve London Heritage Farm and its members.

Elected Board Members have accepted the responsibilities to oversee the society’s progress and future development. Their actions and services will allow the objectives, in which the members of the organization believe, to be fulfilled.

Term & Meetings

The Board of Directors has no less than seven, and optimally nine, elected members who are eligible to serve one to three year terms on the Board of directors with the possibility of being re-elected. There is a term limit of five consecutive years.

There are no less than four Board meetings each year with additional meetings as required.

Knowledge of London Heritage Farm Society

Board members are expected to have a working knowledge of the following documents prior to accepting a nomination to serve on the Board of Directors.  These documents are available on request from the Administrator.

  • Bylaws
  • Code of Ethics
  • Annual Statement
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Board Operations Manual

Governance & Skills

Board members should have one or more of the following skills and experience with

  • Business Administration
  • Governance & Board Effectiveness
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Fundraising
  • Restaurant and/or gift shop management
  • Heritage gardening and/or organic farming
  • Museum Collections and Artifacts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Volunteer Development


Board members agree and are committed to London Heritage Farm’s objectives. Board members are expected to provide leadership in the following:

  • Promote London Heritage Farm’s mandate
  • Demonstrate commitment to the London Heritage Farm by keeping updated on the programs and events at London Heritage Farm and publicly support them
  • Participate in the selection, nomination and evaluation of: officers of the Board, committee members and employees
  • Demonstrate willingness to serve on at least one of the various committees created by the Board of Directors
  • Review prepared documents prior to attending Board meetings and AGMs
  • Commit to at least 9 hours of work per month, including the review of Board documents
  • Be aware, declare and abstain from any conflict of interest
  • Reflect on, propose, and find ways to implement policies for the organization
  • Work on long and short-term goals, objectives and priorities for the community
  • Review and evaluate the activities of the organization
  • Participate in Board discussions and vote according to their own views and beliefs
  • Promote membership in London Heritage Farm through their network
  • Be accountable for the organization’s financial management and oversight
  • Work on the management succession plan to ensure Board renewal
  • Participate in the annual Board evaluation process
  • Foster positive working relationships with other Board members, staff and volunteers
  • Actively collaborate with and treat all board members with respect, cooperation,  understanding and dignity.

Before you become a director: Board of Directors Checklist