Historic Fashions exhibit by Ivan Sayers on London Family Farm Day

Visiting guests of London Family Farm Day 2015 will have the privilege of seeing for free an exhibit of selected historic fashions dating back to the Victorian era. These historic fashions, specially chosen from the seasoned collection of Ivan Sayers, a Fashion Historian, will be on display in the South Porch of the London Farmhouse on Sunday, August 16th, 2015 and Ivan will be there to present his collection.

Sayers and three ladies
Photography Courtesy of: Gerhard von Rosen www.GaiaPix.com

Ivan worked at the Vancouver Museum for 20 years and as a Curator of History there for many years. He has also taught courses at Simon Fraser University and is known for his charismatic and comical lectures.

Ivan Sayers, Fashion Historian
Photography Courtesy of: Gerhard von Rosen www.GaiaPix.com

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