Follow what’s happening on London Family Farm Day 2014

In about 4 weeks time, London Family Farm Day 2014 will be open to the public at London Heritage Farm on Sunday August 17, 2014. This major summer family event will be packed with fun-filled and interesting activities organized for kids and members of the attending families.

While many activities are still at the organizing or finalizing stage, we would like to share with you a preview of the activities in the event program as well as some important information and updates in a news blog – London Family Farm Day 2014 [click here to follow] specially created for this event.

London Family Farm Day 2014 Blog
As you follow us on the special news blog, we hope you can have ample information to plan ahead on how you and your family will participate in the activities on that day. We also hope you will share with your friends that you think would be interested in joining you in this event.  Help spread the news by clicking the share buttons on the blog posts – “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” us on Twitter, “g+1” us on Google+ or simply email your friends.