Finding London Heritage Farm’s hidden treasures

Thanks to all the postings and re-postings of our Instagrammer @londonheritagefarmsociety, finding the many hidden treasures within the 4.06 acre historical site of London Heritage Farm and to learn about interesting things and happenings around there is now just a click or tab away.

Follow @londonheritagefarmsociety at Instagram, read about the little story in each of the image/video postings, and you will find many good reasons to bring your family and friends to visit this humble historical site.

Sharing below are a few of the many interesting Instagram postings/re-postings …

"The Music Maker" – The story goes that this piano has been part of the London Family since the early 1900's. Daughters Lucy and May became accomplished players filling the home with music for many years. In 1922 the eldest son Ed inherited the piano and it was taken away until 2004 when Ed's great granddaughter had it returned to London Heritage Farm. A quick Google search yields an interesting fact about this old New Scale Williams piano. This and many other pianos of there time are not able to be tuned high enough to achieve concert pitch (A440) as this had not yet been standardized. The Williams piano company only "ran" from 1837 to 1932. #instrument #williamspiano #oldpiano #A440 #pianogram #pianolife #pianolove #🎹 #old #playme #history #instablog #tearoom #upright #richmondbc #perspective #story #londonfarm #lhfsociety #londonheritagefarm #stevestonstyle

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